Monday, 9 May 2011

New Hot Buys Shorts!

These new Hot Buys shorts are just simply delicious! The pattern adds a certain spring/summer theme to it, the colours are girly, chic and on trend! They're superstar and 10 stardollars from Fudge, get them while you can!


Sunday, 8 May 2011

Drama is the King


The drama king of the month, and I'm serious drama should be his middle name. So far, he's been dramatic over little things on Perez with Sedona. And I mean this guy here he even got into a bitch fight with Sedona and Vasia. It's understandable why he got pissed, but Sedona made him look bad, even more dramatic should we say, yes, Sedona made Jack look more famewhore-isticly dramatic.

So why am I bitching? It's a good quesiton; I'm not. Jack the King of Drama has had some major ups and downs this month. Lolita has made it clear she doesn't like him on Perez after Linda posted a post about Sedona and he little tawtiness on. And Jack simply 'stuck up for her' But Lolita stood by Vasia. And to be fair, I'm with them.

It's beginning to get boring now. He doesn't care, leave him alone. But then again there would probably be a new bitch fight, not a good idea if Missfuckinghasabigmouthj I mean SeDonaJ gets involved and starts calling you a cunt like she did to Vasia. So far, so funny.

But even though Jack is a Drama King, we have to admit, he has great style, manner and sometimes words, his style is great I guess, I mean see:

Most of the time he's sweet but not always, oh no. But this guy is critisized so much you wonder what he did wrong, dont you? I hate to say it. But people need to back off and give him a break.

There's nothing like drama, huh?

Interview with GeorgiaMacknes

Interviewer: Jennie / Pre-telle

Interviewed: Georgia / GeorgiaMacknes

Here is the much interesting interview with the malicious, delicious and mysterious GeorgiaMacknes. A girl who could knock a few guys with her curves, but a girl who could knock a few jaws. This sweet babe is one of a kind, and may I, has not had the sweetest of lives. Almost bittersweet. But here it is:

J: Hey, Georgia! It's good to have you here. How are you?
G: Hello, It's an honour to be here. I've been interested to see this blog do great. I'm still standing is the least I can say, I've had a rough day and I'm tired. But I'm delighted to be interviewed for your blog.
J: Thank you. And get better! We'd just like to ask you some questions, obviously nothing to personal but not all with be sweet.
G: That's fine, life isn't always sweet. It comes with ups and downs, the question is; are you ready for part of life to be bitter? I wasn't but now I'm getting up. Life isn't a cherry it's more like a plum. Sometimes sweet, sometimes sour.
J: That's a great quote, so anyways, what is your life like? And how was your life different back then to now?
G: I was raised in a rough area. A 3-acre village named Anstey in the city Leicestershire in England. And when I mean it was rough, I mean you had to be careful who you were talking too and you had to survive almost everything. People would throw abuse at me for no reason down the local park, The Recky. It was were everyone smoked, drank, overdosed and pissed around. They still do, where I live you'll either get a kick in the back or a bottle full of petrol tossed all over you.  My life was rough, and I wasn't a very bright student back in Primary School. I was rude, malicious and cheeky. I didn't know right for wrong very well. But then I got older I saw everything and all my mistakes. My life was a wreck back then and now it's better but not healed. My life is always mixed, but I cope.
J: Sounds hard, what's your favourite things about stardoll?
G: You know what, my favourite things are some of the people on there and the fact you get to style your medoll to be totally different to the real you, I mean mine looks a little bit like me. Accept for the blonde streak in real life, I dont have that on my medoll. I mean my other favourite thing would be that real designer clothes, or copies of them anyways, are cheap and buyable compared to the ones in real life. I also have favourite friends on stardoll, I adore them.
J: Lovely! So, what do you think of Stardoll Fashion Week? Which collections are your favourites? And which dont you like? And what dont you like about SFW?
G: I think it's one of the most exciting things a user on stardoll has ever come up with, it's great. My favourites are Kharma by Linus Leonardsson, Venus by Plamena Petrowa and Abbie Knowles, Fiancée du Vampire by Pauline Armstrong, Wonderland of E by Emily Vaine. I didn't like The Opposition, Fantasy, Speechless they just weren't nice, personally and mentally. I HATE the fact that all the graphic models are skinny, un-curvy, un-realistic, anorexic, 'elites or well known people. It's unrealist the way they're so skinny, I mean come of it, some people are CURVY fuck skinny, go for curvy. Men like curves not merdes. And all these models are well-known? It's unfair to others. Give other girls a chance for god sakes. And if your going to make a graphic, make sure it fits the bloody model I mean Speechless is a good example for crap graphics, I mean I hate being harsh when they try so hard but come of it.
J: That's a great explination! Why do you like Kharma most?
G: That's an easy one. One of my bestest friends created Kharma, Linus, he's my baby basically and I support each of his desicions. But not just because of this, but his graphics and designs were imense. I was sitting in my bed like " wowww" I mean, Linus is an artistic and fashionable guy but it blew me away, I loved the outfits, I mean I didnt like the pink trousers because I'm you know not a pink person but they were great. My favourite was the last outfit of his collection, A long, dark emerald green dress worn by Linnea (.pease.) I love it the most. But Kharma is my top.
J: Great, well that's all we have time for but thank you for letting us interview you and have a nice evening!
G: My pleasure, thank you.  

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Gothique Style Queen

Today I will be discussing style queendom. And today I have an interesting Gothique style sort of girl for you, GeorgiaMacknes. She is very very stylish. Interestingly enough, there's enough history and malicious gossip about this high school hottie. Her style is a vintage mixed goth modern chic. Some time soon there will be an interview with this lvoely jubbly baby girl. The style at the moment is fabulpus, the black high heeled boots and the sheer black l-s shirt and the hot buys black body piece underneathe and the lovely mini-white skirt if gorgeous the combination is a match made in heaven and he accessories; AMAZING! Black and pearl bangles with the white clutch is an added bit of heaven is simply wonderful.

Here's her outfit at the moment:

GeorgiaMacknes, copyright 2011 s/s time. Stardoll printscreen copyright.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Looking for writers + Idea-givers + Reporters!

Hey! It's Jennie, again, I'm looking for active, creative and willing writers! I need 5 so please apply by writing your stardoll username and real name below. I need you to write a little bit about yourself and if you're going to be active or not. You need to be active a lot.

With this said, I aslo need 7 people to be Idea-Givers, you need to be creative, active, imaginative, kind, interested and smart. We need good people for this and you can apply the same way the writers do. You only need to be a little bit active.

I need 7 reporters as well, to interview and write about stardoll news and what's going on with the 'elites' and popular users. You apply like the writers as well. You will need to be on stardoll half your time.

So thank for reading!



Hey! My Name's Jennie and I'm the owner of The Stardoll Mannequin, here, we will be giving you the latest Stardoll gossip, news, looks, trends and bitching, or to be kind to say the latest arguments. So I welcome you to the newest stardoll blog. So please remember to follow and comment. It would mean a lot to me. There is a lot to do here, and I know it doesn't look like much. But it's not the looks that matter, its the posts and the interesting topics.

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